Tuesday, June 15, 2010

5 Success Secrets of Dr. Vijay Mallya

5 Success Secrets of Dr .Vijay Mallya.

Dr. Vijay Mallya (born December 18, 1955) is a Bangalore-based billionaire businessman and Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha since 2002) from India. An ostentatious public figure, Mallya is known for throwing lavish parties and his conspicuous consumption of luxury automobiles and his enormous luxury yacht, the Indian Empress. He is the son of industrialist Vittal Mallya and is the chairman of the United Breweries Group. Mallya has started a domestic airline in India called Kingfisher Airlines, which draws its name from United Breweries Group's flagship beer brand, Kingfisher.

Following are the 5 Success Secrets that made Dr.Vijay Mallya Successful :

Secret 1 - Passion and Vision - He follows his passion and he does what he does because he loves to do it.He Knows what he wants and then he set crystal clear goals and then takes action to achieve them.

Secret 2 - Self Confidence - He believes in himself and believes that he can achieve anything. He has a great personality and dynamic interpersonal skills.

Secret 3 - 100% Commitment - He works hard and does whatever it takes to achieve his goal without giving any excuse.

Secret 4 - Persistence - Once he set a goal he will not allow any failure to stop him.He will persist until he achieve what he wants.

Secret 5 - Excellence - He always wants to be No.1 in whichever field he works whether it is kingfisher airline or Sports Business.He believes in giving the best quality of service to the people and this is the reason why people prefer to fly by Kingfisher airline.

Modeling the above five qualities can help anyone to achieve success in life and business.

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